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The Carbon Neutral Journey

6 January 2015 By Gary Ironmonger
It's about lowering your consumption of energy.

Ironmonger Building Company Design and Build with Energy Efficiency in mind.

Please consider energy use when building/using your home. Ask your self - How much Carbon was released to produce this product I'm using in my building?

Light Globes. We are finally seeing LED Globes produced in commercial quantities.

The fittings and appliances you choose for your home will make a difference for the life of the product you buy. That's not to say you can't have to 2 ovens, check the energy usage of the oven you are going to use every day.

Research your water fixtures for their water usage.

24 January 2018
by Terry Kerrigan
RE: The Carbon Neutral Journey

would love to see a catalogue of your home designs

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